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Football enthusiasts in Pattaya no longer need to fret about missing the live action of the Premier League. Patrons can cheer on their favourite teams at Pattaya Sports Hub, a popular venue situated on Soi Buakhao. It’s a place where live sports broadcasts are matched with a classic pub atmosphere, creating an ideal setting for both die-hard fans and those looking to enjoy a match with friends.

The Pattaya Sports Hub ensures viewers don’t miss out on any Premier League fixtures by broadcasting a comprehensive schedule of games throughout the season. The venue is known for its vibrant atmosphere during match days, especially when it comes to headlining matches like the face-off between Manchester City and Liverpool, which draw in crowds eager to experience the electric buzz of live football.

Alongside the live sports, the Sports Hub offers a selection of pub grub to enhance the viewing experience. It’s a locale where supporters can converge, debate stats, and revel in the highs and lows of each match. Whether it’s a nail-biting clash at the top of the table or a vital relegation scrap, Pattaya Sports Hub serves as a hub for football fans to capture every moment of the Premier League spectacle.

Finding Pattaya Sports Hub

For those eager to catch the Premier League action in Pattaya, set your navigational sights on Pattaya Sports Hub. Located on Soi Buakhao, a vibrant street known for its bustling nightlife and entertainment venues, finding this sports haven is relatively easy.

Travellers can start by heading to Soi Buakhao which is accessible from several main roads in Pattaya. A useful landmark to keep an eye out for is the Areca Lodge, after which you only need to cover another 100 meters or so. Pattaya Sports Hub isn’t far from where Soi Diana Inn intersects with Soi Buakhao, ensuring you won’t have to navigate through the more extended stretches of the road network.

For the Premier League enthusiasts who find themselves near Third Road, remember that you’re at least a half-mile too far if you haven’t made the turn yet. Adjust your route accordingly.

This sports hub is a surefire destination for those chasing the thrill of live sports right in the heart of Pattaya.

Ultimate Viewing Experience

An avid football fan’s paradise, Pattaya Sports Hub offers an immersive environment where supporters can gather, cheer, and experience every Premier League match to the fullest.

Screening Facilities

Pattaya Sports Hub boasts 20 TV screens, including a large screen for those pivotal moments during the match. Every seat is the best in the house, ensuring fans don’t miss a single pass, goal, or tackle from their favourite teams like Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal, and Spurs.

Supporter Camaraderie

The atmosphere is electric with Supporters Clubs gathering frequently. Genuine camaraderie is shared amongst groups of Man United, Chelsea, or Liverpool fans, providing a sense of belonging and a spirited home away from home for expats and local supporters alike.

Bar and Refreshments

The Sports Bar Pattaya offers classic pub grub to keep fans well-fed during the matches, along with a selection of beverages. A refreshing pint or a soft drink in hand, fans can savour every goal and referee whistle.

Scheduling and Events

Pattaya Sports Hub covers all bases, from Live Premier League games to Championship Football and even FA Cup Games. They schedule events to ensure that fans can watch their team’s latest fixtures, with live broadcasts tailored to the local timezone for convenience.

Pattaya Sports Hub boasts over 20 indoor and outdoor TVs, setting you up for a premium viewing experience. So whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, you can drop by to catch live games and enjoy a classic pub atmosphere.

For Derby matches and some of the bigger games, we recommend booking a table, especially if you are wanting to watch on the Large screen. You can book a table via our Social channels or contact us via email –

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